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These are a few cases from my practice where homeopathic treatment helped the patients.

Relationship Problems

A 29 year old female was suffering from relationship problems due to repressed anger. She felt humiliated and belittled and felt powerless to fight back or defend herself. She was an emotional eater and suppressed her anger, which resulted in liver problems. She was given Homeopathic S.during a period of 1 month. She now learnt to speak up for herself and says how she feels. This has positively affected her relationship and she does not have the need for food to calm her emotions. She feels freer and good in herself.

Crippling Period Pain

An 18 year old female suffering from crippling period pain, craving junk food and pent up anger and temper tantrums. She was given Homeopathic L. for a few weeks. Her periods are normal now, no pain, she stopped eating junk foods and her emotions are much more balanced. She feels a lot calmer in herself.

Anticipation Anxiety

A 33 year old female suffering from anticipation anxiety before public speaking and performing in front of public, also felt dissatisfied about her career. She was treated with Homeopathic A.N. for a very short time. Within weeks, she was more confident to give presentations and after a few months was promoted. She now feels good in herself, calm, confident and at peace.

Prostate Hyperplasia

A 75 year old male was suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia (enlargement of prostate). He has been treated with naturopathic supplements and herbs and accompanied homeopathically with different remedies over the last 2 years. So far he has been able to postpone an operation. His urination is less frequent and freely flowing.He no longer has painful blockages and is happy to stop his allopathic medication Flow max whichcaused a lot of side effects.


A 40 year old female suffering from infected tonsils (Tonsilitis) for years. She was due for an operation (tonsilectomy). She was given Homeopathic M.C for 3 weeks, followed by Homeoapthic H.S. and also some herbal tinctures for her immune system. The treatment lasted 2-3 months. Her tonsils are healthy, she never needed an operation.

Suicidal Thoughts

A 45 year old female with suicidal thoughts, experiencing loss and grief practically her whole life, shutting herself off from friends. She was treated with Homeopathic N.M. over a period of a month. She experienced a short period of weeping and after that felt much more stable. After 2 months she feels calmer in herself and never had these thoughts again.


The Downsize Me program changed my life completely. I was constantly tired and started to get hot flushes. Pia was the person I needed at that moment. She supported me at all times.

The balancing of hormones, mindful eating and living and taking control of your habits, that is what attracted me to DM program. The weekly program was easy to follow and the cookbooks are fantastic. I really liked all the video tutorials that Melanie made.

Now I have no more sugar cravings, my stomach shrunk, I am not hungry all the time and I am able to look in the mirror and like what I see. Thank you Melanie and Pia!


I am absolutely delighted with the results of Downsize Me program and the guiding and coaching of Pia Lehmann. Throughout our work together I found Pia to be professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and supportive. Her warmth and insight made it a pleasure to meet for our check-ins. I could not have achieved such great results without Pia’s knowledgeable, kind and consistent coaching.

Thank you Melanie and her team for making this program available.


I had tried eating food similar to that program for a couple of years with my weight slowly increasing.

The Downsize Me program explained and clarified the reasons for this and by adjusting the timings and amounts eaten, I have been able to drop many kilos in a matter of weeks.
Side effects have been the reduction of joint pain and increased energy!! So I could not be happier.

I have recouped the cost of the program through increased health and far more energy for work and play.

Pia’s caring nature and professional knowledge was perfect to mentor me through the DM program. Her enthusiasm was encouraging. She has made the changes and weight loss far easier than would have been the case without her.