Frequently Asked Questions

Can Homeopathy be used alongside conventional medicine?

Yes it can! without side effects or interactions. Homeopaths are not opposed to orthodox medicine but like to work alongside conventional medicine. The aim is, where possible, to reduce or come off conventional drugs and their side effects.

Can Homeopathy treat anxiety, depression?

Yes it can. Many people are not aware that Homeopathy is a great  tool for emotional problems, anxiety and depression.

We have many remedies to address fears, phobias, low self esteem, control issues and many other stressors of daily life.
I have great success treating patients for all sorts of anxieties with Homeopathy and counseling.
Generally patients feel better in themselves, emotionally as well as physically.

How does Homeopathy differ from conventional medicine?

Orthodox or allopathic medicine treats the end result of a pathology. Homeopathy is looking for the underlying disturbance, the root cause of the disease, the reason why the body got into imbalance. It is a holistic approach, treating the whole person.

Example using an analogy: eradicationg the symptom of High blood pressure does not fix the cause of the signal, which could be fatty liver disease or high cholesterol or chronic anxiety.

Can such small doses be effective?

Can such a small computer chip hold so much information? The time has come, for us to make a paradigm shift in our empirical, materialistical way of thinking. It is not about the size or quantity of the medicine, it is about the information they store.

With this information the body is triggered to use its self healing mechanisms. The remedy, being the similar to the symptoms of the patient, creates a state in the patient which is stronger than the disease and this alone extinguishes the flame of the disease.Similia

similubus currentur: Like cures like.

What are the remedies made off?

Homeopathic remedies derive from the whole spectrum of nature, plants, animals, minerals, gases, they are non addictive and have no side effects. They are potentised to retain their information and they are safe. There are over 4000 proven remedies at present.

Is homeopathy merely psychological?

If you think you must believe in Homeopathy for it to work, you need to know that it is not a placebo effect.

i.e. Infants: Homeopathic remedies and treatments are successfully used by parents for common infant ailments such a colic , teething pain and some infections.

Animals: there are many veterinarians using Homeopathic medicine to treat domestic pets such as cats and dogs and birds as well as farm animals such as cows, horses etc.

Is it possible to have a placebo effect with babies? small children? or animals?

Common mistakes made by people treating an illness:

Do not always suppress fevers with antibiotica, fevers boost our immune system. Yes it might take a little longer to overcome a cold, but every fever also adds to your bank balance of your immune system, making you more resistant.

Take Homeopathy instead of Zoloft for mild depression.

Take Homeopathy instead of antibiotics for Urinary tract infections, especially if they are recurring.

Take Homeopathy instead of Imodine for mild diarrhea.

Take Homepathy instead of Ibuprofen for sprains and injuries.

Note well: these are just used as examples and should in no way be self administered without seeing a professional Homeopath first.

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