"My mission is to enable you
to heal yourself, your mind, body
and soul."

Pia Lehmann

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Homeopathy is a way of treating illnesses using the body’s own abilities to heal itself, based on
the principle like cures like. A Homeopath builds a complete, holistic picture of the patient.
His emotional, mental and physical nature before matching it with a remedy that is similar to
the patients characteristics.


Learn how to target deep belly fat by resetting
the fat metabolism it restores healthy body
composition. your hormone balance.The program aims to
correct insulin balance and restore healthy body

Welcome to my website. I use a combination of Classical Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Nutrition
and Counselling where required to support your healing process.



Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness, especially prevention. It includes nutrition, dietary advice, supplements and herbs. It supports mainly in physical conditions.


Homeopathy treats physical as well as mental and emotional conditions such as anger, grief, fears, anxiety and depression. It treats the patient not just the condition.

Weight Loss

Weight loss, this program targets deep, toxic belly fat. The secret in losing weight is correcting the hormone balance, especially the fat hormones. Where conventional diets fail, this program will give you results!

What’s the Difference between Homeopathy and Naturopathy?


Homeopathy is a single remedy, matching the patients emotional and physical profile, stimulating his immune system and self healing process.


Naturopathy works on a physical level, supporting the body where required with minerals and herbs.

How can I change my life with Homeopathy and Naturopathy?

Testmonials (Case Study)

Relationship Problems

A 29 year old female was suffering from relationship problems due to repressed anger. She felt humiliated and belittled and felt powerless to fight back or defend herself. She was an emotional eater and suppressed her anger, which resulted in liver problems. She was given Homeopathic S.during a period of 1 month. She now learnt to speak up for herself and says how she feels. This has positively affected her relationship and she does not have the need for food to calm her emotions. She feels freer and good in herself.

Crippling Period Pain

An 18 year old female suffering from crippling period pain, craving junk food and pent up anger and temper tantrums. She was given Homeopathic L. for a few weeks. Her periods are normal now, no pain, she stopped eating junk foods and her emotions are much more balanced. She feels a lot calmer in herself.

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